The bouquet garni: essential for making stock and fumet

The bouquet garni: essential for making stock and fumet

What are we preparing today? A classic and basic recipe: the bouquet garni.

But what is it?

It’s a bundle of aromatic herbs, created by french people and used to add some flavour and arome to our preparation.

Nowadays everyone use it, not only french people.

But why using it?

Because it’s really easy to remove and you will add flavour to the food without having little leaves floating in your bowl. 😉

It seems that there is quite a lot of  recipe to make a bouquet garni, but I can assure you the following it’s the classic recipe you can learn in any french cooking school and there is no cotton lint, nor black peppercorns.

It’s a so easy recipe and it requires only 5 ingredients, tied among them.

You only need 5 ingredients and some cooking twine.

In other words… it should be a piece of cake!! 😀

Yes, of course, you can add all sorts of things in your bouquet, herbs or spices, but this is the original classic recipe! 😉


The bouquet garni_step1

The bouquet garni



leek (the green part)


parsley stalks


celery stalk

Prep time: 5 min

Difficulty: Easy


Take the leek, cut a 10cm section and put inside the other herbs: thyme, laurel, parsley stalks and celery.

The bouquet garni_step2

Wrap the leek and tied the herbs with a cooking twine.

Pay attention!!

The bouquet garni must be tied tightly so the herbs cannot escape.


The bouquet garni is now ready and you can use it to infuse flavours into stocks, fumets or whatever you want and always remember to remove it before serving! 😉



Bon Appétit!!