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Welcome to… Foodie in Translation!


Do you want to know anything about me? You are in the right place! 😉

Hi, my name is Carla, I am Italian and currently live in Paris.

When I was a child, Sunday morning was a special day for my family.
It was the best day of the week.
It was the day when we used to prepare handmade tagliatelle.
How could I ever grow up differently?

I spent my childhood learning the cooking tradition of my family.
As a teenager, I started to help my grandmother, the queen of that magical place, as a teenager, doing a little legwork at first and then adding my touch.

Growing up, my passion for languages pushed my imagination beyond the national borders and, once abroad, I had the privilege to meet and taste new cultures and cuisines.
When abroad, I am not looking for some Italian restaurants!
I want to taste the local cuisine!

I started this blog for helping non-Italians to connect with our traditional cuisine and for trying new tastes, spices and recipes.

Sometimes, it happens I cannot find a typical Italian product, so I have to use some local ingredients and create something original by chance.

After all, the magic of cooking is just that: it builds a bridge between different cultures and allows them to meet, merge and create new harmonies.

Bon Appétit!!