Homemade ricotta cheese gnocchi

Homemade ricotta cheese gnocchi

We always say “Thursday: gnocchi” in Italy, it’s like an unwritten rule… Thursday is the specific day for gnocchi. So, why am I making them today? Because Thursday it’s a real busy day for me, so I shake it up and I am making them right now. Moreover I am not preparing the potatoes ones, but the ricotta cheese gnocchi! 😀

The idea is not mine, but it comes from my family anyway, it’s from our agrichef Giovanni, alias my brother. 😀

The only change I made is the flour, I use the whole-wheat 😉

I don’t why I want so much to prepare fresh gnocchi, maybe it’s the dull weather and the  temperatures which are gradually decreasing or I want to cuddle us, because we are just recovering for the first seasonal flu…



Ricotta cheese gnocchi



180g sheep’s milk ricotta cheese (or cow’s milk ricotta cheese)

80-90g whole-wheat flour

durum wheat semolina for the wooden board

1 pinch of salt

Prep time: 10 mins

Wait time: 10 mins

Cook time: 2-3 mins

Difficulty: easy

Servings: 2


Put the ricotta cheese on a wooden board, add a pinch of salt, the flour, gradually, and knead rapidly.

Homemade ricotta cheese gnocchi_step1

The flour quantity may vary depending on the ricotta cheese.

Be careful not to over-knead it (the secret is knead it just the time it needs to come together, not a minute more 😉 ), the dough has to be smooth and uniform .

Form a ball and let it rest 10 mins.

Homemade ricotta cheese gnocchi_step2

Take the dough, place it on the floured work surface and cut it into pieces.

Roll the dough piece into a evenly-distributed rope.

Cut the ropes into pieces, dust them with semolina and let them rest until the water is boiling.

Homemade ricotta cheese gnocchi_step3

The ricotta cheese gnocchi are ready!

You only have to cook them in a lot of salty, boiling water with a drizzle of olive oil to prevent sticking , and drain them with a skimmer spoon once they float to the top.

You can season gnocchi as you like: with a butter and sage sauce, a four cheese sauce, with alla Norcina sauce (sausages and truffle),  with a tomato and basil sauce… let’s your imagination run wild! 😉


Bon Appétit!!