Hot chocolate mix: how to prepare it

Hot chocolate mix: how to prepare it

The count down has begun: Christmas is coming!! 😀

It’s time to think about presents, isn’t it?

Some years ago I started doing little presents by my own.

Easy to make and quick gifts that your beloved ones can… finally eat!!

Did you really think I would prepare something different? 😀

All my life is spinning around kitchen and cooking… so, here my first idea: hot chocolate mix!


Because my perfect winter afternoon or night is exactly like that: cuddled up on the sofa, right in front of a crackling fireplace, outside is snowing and we are holding… a warm mug of hot chocolate! 😉

Nice image, isn’t it?

Hot chocolate mix_step1

Hot chocolate mix



180g dark chocolate 70%

12 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

12 tbs vanilla dark brown sugar

12 tsp cornstarch


PREP time: 10 MIN


servings: 12 mugs


Chop the chocolate finely.

Put it into a food processor and blend until powdery.

Add cocoa powder, sugar and cornstarch.

Blend and stir together all the ingredients.

Voilà, the hot chocolate mix is done.

Hot chocolate mix_step2

Transfer it in an airtight glass jar.

You can store it for up to 3 months.

Your Christmas present for your beloved ones is ready!!


Bon Appétit!!