Hot chilli olive oil: give a little extra to your dishes!

Hot chilli olive oil: give a little extra to your dishes!

When you are in a pizzeria, what is the first thing you ask, just after ordering pizza? I don’t know you, but I usually ask for some hot chilli olive oil!!

Real Italian pizzerias make it by themselves. It gives a little extra that makes your pizza perfect.

I would never had thought I would say something like that in my life… but now I know that there can be good pizzeria restaurants out of Italy, too 🙂

But this is another story.

Why was I mentioning pizza?

Of course, because of hot chilli olive oil.

You know, when I am not in a pizzeria, I use my homemade hot chilli olive oil!!!

It’s easy and fast to prepare.

Well, you have to wait some weeks before you can use it, but I can promise you it is totally worth it.

If you want a very good chilli olive oil, you just need quality extra-virgin olive oil and red hot chilli peppers. Mind you, not the rock band… what am I saying?! 😀

I used some Espelette peppers, precisely bought in the Basque French town of Espelette by my partner… what an outstandingly good use of his business trips! 😀

Just to give it even more taste, I also add some garlic.

Homemade hot chilli olive oil_Step1

Homemade hot chilli olive oil


Extra-virgin olive oil
2 whole dried hot chilli peppers
3 small garlic gloves

Take a 250ml glass drizzler bottle.

Peel the garlic, boil it in a solution of water and wine vinegar 6% in equal quantities for a couple of minutes, then put it into the bottle with one whole red chilli pepper.

Cut into pieces the other chilli pepper and put it into the bottle, too.

Homemade hot chilli olive oil_Step2

Fill the bottle with olive oil.

Recap the small bottle with a  and set it aside.

Let it rest for two weeks at least and then you can use it.

The more it rests, the more its becomes hot.

Keep the bottle in a dark and cool place and use it within 5 or 6 months.

Bon Appétit!!