Flavoured balanced salt: un unusual seasoning

Flavoured balanced salt: un unusual seasoning

It’s commonly known that adding a bit of salt in a cake brings out its full taste. This fact induced an Italian chef to ask himself if the contrary was equally true: what about adding a bit of sugar to savory dishes? So he “created” the flavoured balanced salt!!

Funnily enough, he was right. A bit of sugar brings out all the flavor of a salty dish.

The first time I read about it, the only idea of it looked far from promising but, if you dare and try, you will discover it can enhance your dishes with so much flavor.

With so little a pinch of it!

And if you even add other ingredients like spices, or aromatic herbs, or both… you will get a fantastic and natural all-purpose seasoning.


Flavoured balanced salt_step1



Flavoured balanced salt




312g cooking salt

187g whole brown sugar

15g aromatic herbs (I used the following: thyme, basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, chive and tarragon)

10g spices (I used: black pepper, white pepper, turmeric, ginger, coriander seeds and fennel seeds)



Mix the spices and the aromatic herbs.

Take an hermetic glass jar.

Put a first layer of salt, one of sugar and one of spices and herbs,


Flavoured balanced salt_step2

then another layer of sugar and one of salt.

Make sure the topmost layer is salt.


Flavoured balanced salt_step3

Let it sit at room temperature and without closing the jar for at least 3 days, then mix in a food processor until blended.

Store in the jar glass and use it whenever you want.

I usually use a teaspoon of this mix for every single recipe.

I have been using simple salt for cooking pasta only since several months.

For everything else I prefer this one… 🙂

What more can I say…


Bon Appétit!!


Ps: I found this recipe in a Italian book, “Antiaging con gusto” by Chiara Manzi.

If you speak Italian, I suggest you to read it, it opened a new whole world of taste for me! 🙂