Eggplant rolls with stracchino cheese

Eggplant rolls with stracchino cheese

I finally found the time to prepare some eggplant rolls with stracchino!!

It’s summer, it’s eggplant season and I found a very good stracchino cheese, at last!

I love eggplants for their taste and because they are so versatile vegetables.

You can prepare a lot of recipes with it: parmigiana, pasta alla norma, meatballs, stuffed eggplants… just to mention a few.

Today, I will prepare this simple recipe using a very peculiar Italian cheese: the stracchino cheese.

I just found a good Italian grocery store 5 minutes from my apartment and the first thing I asked was: “Do you have any stracchino cheese?”

Normally any Italian grocery should have it, so you can buy it there.

Which kind of cheese is stracchino?

It is a typical north Italian product made with cow’s milk.

Stracchino has a very soft, creamy texture and a mild flavour, with a very slight and delicious sour note.

It is perfect with pizza, focaccia, piadina or for stuffing recipes like this one.

These rolls can make a great starter, as well as a simple and delicious main dish.

You choose! 😉


Eggplant rolls with stracchino cheese




1 eggplant

stracchino cheese



smoked speck ham

cherry tomatoes


Cut the eggplant into thin rounds.

Cut in a half or in 4 pieces the mortadella, the speck and the ham, depending on the slice size.

Eggplant rolls step1

Preheat a grill pan and, once hot, grill the eggplants rounds for a couple of minutes each side.

Set aside.

Lay an eggplant slice on a cutting board, spread some stracchino on top, add a piece of mortadella or speck or ham and roll it.

Repeat with all the slices.

Thread each roll with a skewer and alternate two eggplant rolls with two cherry tomatoes.

eggplant rolls step2

The eggplant rolls with stracchino cheese is ready to be served!

Bon Appétit!!