The real French rolled omelette

The real French rolled omelette

A lot of things have changed since last time I blogged here.

I started to work again and, most of all, a dream came true.

It was hard, it required a lot of study, work and culinary experiments, but in the end here I am!!

I passed the French C.A.P. cuisine exam and now I am a certified cook!!!

I did it in Paris, not in Italy, so sometimes I faced some unexpected difficulties.

An example? Make a real French rolled omelette!! No, I am not joking.

I don’t know how many eggs I cracked before I could make not a perfect omelette, just an acceptable one.

Is it really so difficult?

As they said there is only one infallible method to master omelettes… work in a hotel and prepare lots of omelettes each day… After a dozen hundred of them, then you can say you can do a French omelette!

The real French rolled omelette


3 eggs

15g butter

a pinch of salt





Let’s melt gently the butter in a non-stick pan.

Break the eggs in a bowl, season with salt and blend with a fork.

The real French rolled omelette_step2

Once the butter is melted, pour the eggs into the pan.

Whisk the eggs with the back of a fork for making them coagulate in a uniform way, rotating and tilting the pan.

Once the omelette is almost cooked (there will be just a bit of liquid left), take off the pan, tilt it and flip one side of the omelette into the center.

Flip even the other side and let the omelette slide onto a plate.

Bon Appétit!!

Critical points:

  • Have the right pan: you need a pan with the right dimension and the pan has to be really a non-stick frying one; at the beginning I had a lot of problem for this reason.
  • Have a good control of the heat: the omelette cooks very fast (less than a minute) and it has to be smooth and colourless.