Here we go: my brand new blog

Here we go: my brand new blog

Welcome to my brand new blog! 🙂

I have just left my ancient blog for this new home, with a slightly different design and a lot of Italian and international recipes.

I am a bit sad to leave what I considered my home for the last 2 years and a half.

It’s full of memories which are tied to my experiences in the extreme south of Europe and to the friends I made there.

So, why this new blog?

Because I was looking for new challenges! 😉

As you can see here, I am an Italian girl who loves cooking. I find this activity really relaxing.

Being a lover of genuine food, I spend entire days walking around farmer markets.

I take my time and choose what I think are the best products.

How do I track down fresh ingredients?

Fruits and vegetables

Usually I use my sense of smell: if they smell good, 99% they will taste good.


I exclusively buy whole fishes.

Again, the first thing to do is to use your smell: if it stinks of ammonia or “bilge”, leave. If you close your eyes and can smell the sea, the saltiness and the iodine, you can move to the next phase.

Now, check the eyes (they must be plump, shiny, clear and wet), the tail and the fins (they must appear healthy, wet and intact) and the scales (they must be shiny and firm). If you can, touch it: if the flesh is soft, it’s an old fish; if it is firm, wet and slippery, then you can take out your wallet.


Beef should have a bright cherry-red colour. Pork should be pink, poultry off-white to cream.

But pay attention. Expensive doesn’t mean necessarily delicious. Cheap cuts can be flavourful if cooked in the good way.

And then I look at the butcher, if he/she inspires me, the deal is done! 😀


I generally prepare it by myself, avoiding refined flours but using whole-grains ones instead.

When you have fresh, healthy, high-quality ingredients at your disposal, the simplest dish will be delicious!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s cook!! 😀